Contours In Space : Off The Charts

Release Date July 11, 2013
Space.. "I can. Feel it."

Moomaw : Don't You Just Love

Release Date April 16, 2013
New Age Wave Dance Pop Experiment.

Mark Matos & Os Beaches : Coyote and the Crosser

Release Date November 2, 2012
A walk, a voyage, over, through and to some place Mark sees in his mind. Come on a more than worthy ride.

Physical Release : Prayers

Release Date April 24, 2012
Beautiful, ballad, Rock and roll fed kaleidoscoped, prism-induced shitty disco - a balance worthy of scriptures.

Moomaw : All Day Jah Voo

Release Date Nov 11, 2011
Let's quit these seasons and find their reflections in waves of electric marrow; and now before as well.

Gravid Wives : Gravid Wives

Release Date Oct 19, 2010
Give me something beautiful. Something without walls or evils. And make it a country song, twisted lyrically into space.

Inland And Out : Upstairs Downstairs

Release Date June 29, 2010
Wall of pop in every beautiful sense, its fingers hesitantly in everything and ringing with rock and roll.

Start Coloring : Coloring

Release Date June 29, 2010
A stumbling of close country harmonies and folk instruments that push their way through the smoke.

Technicolor White Lies : Casey Wright

Release Date April 20, 2010
A brilliant onslaught of emotion delivered in the raw, just so you can see how beautiful and diverse insanity can be.

Aminalia : Moomaw

Release Date March 9, 2010
Luscious jumbles of clattering loops, strings, warm Rhodes and hiccuping hand drums sing through harmonies on your journey through Aminalia.

Character : Anna Morley

Released: October 22, 2009
A swimmingly spattering of ambient-pop created by Barcelona's favorite vibraphonista, Anna Morley.

Paisley Kisses : Moomaw

Released: January 22, 2009
A stripped-down, smoky jaunt, running headlong through the ether with a bad habit of love in your back pocket, snickering tremors all the way.

26 : Moomaw

Released: May 13, 2008
One song, accompanied by artwork, for every month of the age 26, each published before the end of said month.